Twitter delays the shutdown of legacy notification APIs until August

We're also making a change to our deprecation date for Site Streams, User Streams and legacy Direct Message endpoints. Those services, originally slated for retirement on June 19th, will be available until August 16th, 2018.

— Twitter Dev (@TwitterDev) May 16, 2018

Twitter has also made a migration guide available to developers as well as a resources page that outlines all of the new changes. "We created a comprehensive resources page to outline these changes to help developers understand the best way to keep solutions up and running, including links to documentation, migration guides and a playbook," Twitter said in a blog post .

Though developers now have three months to switch over to the new API, the new pricing structure might be prohibitively costly for some. A Twitterrific developer tweeted today that the company probably won't be able to afford it. Tapbots, meanwhile, said yesterday that once it was given access to the replacement API it would be able to use it to "replace almost all of the functionality that [Twitter is] deprecating."

It's looking like it won't be financially possible for us to afford the new account activity API from twitter.

— Sean Heber (@BigZaphod) May 16, 2018



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