Apple’s iPhone Face ID ads confuse and alienate older generation

“Customer experience tests of three recent iPhone ads find that Baby Boomers – those aged 55 plus – find them annoying and worrying,” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac. “The firm [UserTesting] studied the reactions of two age-groups [Gen Z (18-25) and Baby Boomers (55+)] to three different video ads (shown below).

“Those in the 55+ age-group found the ads actively off-putting, thanks to their fast-paced style, describing them as ‘silly’ and ‘chaotic,'” Lovejoy reports. “In particular, the fast-paced way in which Apple Pay was presented, without any detail about how safe it is, actively worried Baby Boomers.”

Lovejoy reports, “But the firm says that this doesn’t matter much, because the ads aren’t about persuading Android users to switch – rather to reinforce the brand loyalties of younger iPhone owners. ‘Smartphone brand preferences and loyalty are strong and difficult to change… Apple is trying to reach smartphone users as young as possible, before their brand preferences are set. In the process, Apple is willing to confuse or even alienate older customers, because it knows they’ll likely stick with the brand no matter what.'”